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Vizualizing NOTAMs

Now available for iOS

FIR NOTAMs the easy way.

Declutter the Map

Toggle obstacles, areas and enroute alternates on and off on the map display as you wish, so you can see just what you like.

Click and View

Click on the pins of specfic areas to view the notam in Text, Report and Raw format. Use the filter button to filter notams regarding date, time and flight level.

Preview your Flightplan Route

Just enter departure, destination and alternate airport, then copy and paste your route of flight diretly into the app. Use the route preview to veryfy everything is correct.

„To judge if a NOATM is relavant, you need to see it depicted along your Flighplan Route.“

That’s what notamLocalizer is all about.

At a glance

Even on smaller screen estate devices, it is possible to get good graphical overview of the situation. Explore the text view and the map view, check NOTAMs along you full IFR route of flight.


Buy it, own it. The current verson availabe just has one price and that’s it.
This includes basic nav data as is, as well as all the functionality as described above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I really paste my IFR route from the flight plan?

Yes, you may paste in your full route such as: MARUN Y153 WRB P12 NORTA – all the way around the globe. You may also choose to enter single RNAV fixes or NAT Coordinates as you like.

How accurate is the Nav data?

The Nav data has been updated in Septmeber 2017. Our plan is to update the nav data on non specific intervals to keep it updated. The idea is to provide a basic version that should work pretty well for your routes in 99% of all cases. Updates in regular intervals are not possible at this stage of development and this pricing model. However there might be more options in the future for those of you wanting a constant update cycle such as 28 days. If you are interested, please let us know.

Does the Nav data contain SID fixes or even SIDs?

Yes it contains all SID fixes. No it does not contain SIDs, so notamLocalizer cannot „expand“ SIDs such as MARUN3M at this stage. Feel free to enter you SID manually.

Can I see obstacles in relation to my SID?

Yes but you have to enter your SID fixes manually. Please note that we are currently trying to visualize obstacles contained in NOTAMs only. We are currently improving the detailed positioning of obstacles at airports to be as accurate as possible.

Will there be further pricing options?

The basic version will always contain the functionality that is does once you buy it. Please note that we are not commited to specific upate cylces of the Nav database.

We are thinking about future enhancements.

Can I request specfic features that I would like to have or feel that they are missing?


If you have ideas or if you feel that features are missing, please let us know. We will try to consider them as soon as possible, if possible.

Can notamLocalizer be my single source of flight preperation?

Unfortunatelly it cannot. Just as most applications in commercial use this app has to be certified by the operator using it. We do not take resposiblilty for inaccuracies, missing data or glitches and any damage resulting thereof. In no case do we take liability. Use at your own risk.

However it can drastically improve your situational awareness, since most NOTAMs simply remain unread in daily operations.